Bus 21

by Kelebek Evrimi

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released December 21, 2018




Kelebek Evrimi Perth, Australia

Kelebek Evrimi is a progressive ethno-western folk fusion with members hailing from Istanbul, Bulgaria and Perth Western Australia. It is an experimental traditional music project bringing the beauty of the east to the shores of the west.

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Track Name: Ragnarok
As the end has no beginning

and the sky will fall tonight

I dream of lakes filled with fear

Where all the bodies want to die

I dream of lakes filled with fire

Where all the bodies are deniers

It's the falling of innocence

that's made me feel

so alone

The fire will fall, fall tonight

And I will rise in recognition

The fire will fall, fall tonight

Rise with the flames and be free

My God, my god - why can't you hear me anymore?
Track Name: On Living
Here is the adapted and abridged version of the translated poem by Nazim Hikmet as spoken in the recording by Monti Karus:
Living is no laughing matter
You must live with great seriousness
Like a squirrel for example
Without looking for something beyond or above
Living must be your whole occupation

You must take living so seriously
That even at 70, you'll plant olive trees
And not for your children
But because although you fear death, you don't believe in it
Because living weighs heavier

Let's say we are in prison for 50 years
And we have 18 years to go before the iron doors will open
We'll still live with the outside
With its people and animals, its struggle and its wind
However and wherever we are
We must live as if we will never die

The earth will grow cold
A star among stars and one of the smallest
A guilded mote on blue velvet
This, our great earth
It too will grow cold one day
Not like a block of ice, or a grey cloud
but like an empty walnut it will roll along in pitch black space

You must grieve for this moment now
You must feel this sorrow now
For the world must be loved this much
If you are truly going to say,
I lived.

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